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About Us

JFI Games Inc., who stationed its development team in 2017 February, is an emerging game developer in Taiwan, and now has more than 180 employees.
JFI Games is dedicated to developing new and original games, and also has the businesses like IP license, HMT games publishing, collaborative develope cases, and professional art designs.Trying to explore players experience, expand the pleasure in gaming, and enhance the ability in developing will make JFI Games to be the one of the best companies in Taiwan game industry.

JFI Games is creating an E-sport platform and associate products that all ages can have fun in it. With the pleasure and childlike mind, upholding the enthusiasm for games and the spirit in innovation, JFI Game will keep the steps. The only aim of JFI Games is to bring joy to players.

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JFI Core Values

Why you can trust JFI Games

Team Experience

During JFI development team, there were 80% of the partners possess more 3-years experience in development, and the producers possess 5 to 15 years experience. The development team has strong abilities, keeps on looking into players need, and be dedicated to pursuing the best experience and joy in gaming.

Transnational Collaboration

Most of the members have extensive experience in transnational collaboration. They had published and operated games in 7 countries. JFI Games keeps good and harmonious relationships with the partners in Japan, China, Europe, United States and South East Asia.

Multi-Platform Dev.

JFI Games is good at developing games in multi-platform, includes PS4, Xbox One, Android, iOS and Windows. Mobile games development is now the main business.


Dusk Diver

Dusk Diver is an anime-touched 3D ACT game. You will be playing as an ordinary high school girl, Yang Yumo.Shuttling between the surface and inner worlds of Ximending, fighting against the demon invasions with the guardians siding with you. Create your own unique combat combos and immerse yourself into the demon-slaying experience in Ximending.

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CODE 2040

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Bound Strike

  Bound Strike is the first battle mobile game which used the technology of Augmented Reality(AR) in the world. The battleground can be displayed in our real world, and you can see the situation of the battle! It will overthrow your cognitions of battle games. With the evolution of operating experience, it opens a new door to mobile AR e-sport.You can start a fantastic battle at any time and anywhere.
  In Bound Strike, “Area Occupation” is the core of its gameplay. Players can summon their characters into the battlefield, and they will occupy the areas they pass automatically. The victory will belong to the one who has more areas at the end. “Bound Strike” will release in July 2018.

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Heroes Versus

  Heroes Versus is a casual e-sport mobile game that is suitable for everyone. In here, you can experience the pleasure of battles that you never imaged. The simple rules, diverse strategies and cute, lovely characters will integrate in the batte and bring surprise and excitement to you.
  There are many landscape battle fields for you to play. You can use the hero skilles to make a surprsing attack, and compete the strategic thinking with your opponent. Each battle will end in 3 minutes!
  Come to collect the tens of unique heroes, warriores and build up you best team. Defeat your opptunities and climb up to the top. Here is your stage!

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Galaxy Squad

  Have you ever thought if there were visitors from outerspace in our earth? The little green Walking Man in the light box? Or the Trash Can Brothers who pig out in the landfill? In order to secretly help the visitors to get into earthling’s life, the Galaxy Squad sent a new SWAT, Pluto, to earth and maintain the order. Unfortunately, when Pluto is landing to earth, he is crashed by the moon biker gangs, and has an emergency landing. In this moment, the protagonist and his cat, Sherlock, hears the noise and notice the existence of Pluto. A new, great adventure in the streets has just begun.

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